Abu Roxani rocks!

Abu Roxani rocks!

New Roxani, 3000MSH spin reel, the new contender for best value soft bait reel?

 Abu Roxani 3000MSH spin reel 6.2:1 5.2kg drag, 300m PE:1.5, 96cm per crank. 242g Wow!


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Salt Shield TM Bearings

By adopting a newly developed ball bearing which applies a water repellent coat to the entire inner exterior, the salt gumming phenomenon which causes rotation abnormal noise is drastically reduced.

We succeeded in greatly improving the rotation feel and durability. (Adopted for pinion gear part, line roller part)



HPCR Bearing

Improved durability, smoothness, and corrosion with high performance corrosion resistant material.

AM gearing design

High-strength aluminum gearing  made from  precision machining based on original methods for smoothness and durability.


COG gear design

Using Abu Garcia's proprietary computer analysis technology, we realized optimization of the gear tooth shape shape. It demonstrates the ultimate smoothness in any fishing scene.

DURAMETAL ™ integral body

Tough fishing?  the body structure incorporates DURAMETAL ™ (high strength aluminium casting alloy) 

supports the drive gear with one piece, optimum gear alignment for smooth occultation.

Rocket Line Management System TM

1. Spool design - Roxanis' unique rocket spool lip allows the line to be discharged smoothly and evenly from the spool. 
2. Oscillation System - The slow oscillating system allows line take up smoothly and evennly to the spool for  optimum winding and casting angle. 
3. Bale - Revo® unique bail opening angle, so the line is controlled to the optimum line loop when line discharges from the spool lip, allowing smooth line pass through the rod's first guide.

Aluminum Uniflow Bale

Reducing weight by employing high strength aluminum alloy. The bail has a joint smooth, dramatically reducing troubles such as thread tangle around the bail


Changing the  order of the drag washer according to the fishing type / fishing method,  two kinds of setting "Light" and "Tough" are possible.


Higher drag force while maintaining smooth performance in a wide range.

Duracarbon ™ handle

Elastic carbon material, it contributes to high strength, weight reduction and sensitivity improvement.