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Fishing knots

12 Dec 2017
by Greg Hill

How do you attach something to the end of a fishing line, and keep it there is the eternal problem. Which knot? Why do I get a pigtail back on the end of my line, and where did my lure go?

Time to simplify. I reckon you need only four knots for general fishing.

One:  The uni knot, to attach whatever – lure, hook or swivel – to the end of your line. It works with braid and mono, is reliable and easy to tie. No pigtails with this one.

Two: The rapala knot, or perfection loop. Use to tie on a live-bait hook, it provides free-swimming presentation of the bait and is particularly good for small mackerel because as they tire, they still swim upright. Fast to tie and also good for tying sinkers on the end. I don’t recommend free-swinging loop-type knots for lures or jigs because they wear the leader easily and can damage the line. A definite no-no for stickballs.

 Three: The albright knot, to join braid to mono or fluorocarbon. It’s good for sizes of up to 50lb braid to 80lb leader. Double the braid for this join, but don’t bother with a bikini to double the braid, just use a double of the braid and cut off the tag ends. Technically, it’s not a knot but a “snug” that’s why it’s so good: the braid won’t cut your mono of fluro, and it goes through the guides nicely

Four:  Spider hitch, or surgeon’s knot, for a quick double in mono. Ideal for 6-8-10kg stray lining, where you tie straight on the end. Gives a double shot at not getting bitten-off

If we could sell bags of knots we’d be sweet.