Little Jack lures

little advice. Summer 2014 has been an unusual year for snapper fishing. It was hot fishing in November/December, then they all seemed to shrink in size, and annoyingly, not be where they should. Marlin fishing was hot one day, not the next. Cyclones, fresh water runoff, another cyclone, warmer than usual water? Even some of the consistent anglers were scratching their heads. I guess that's why its called fishing rather than catching. The only thing I suggest you do when the going gets tough is, if wind drift and current allow: go small early. Drop down in size all your line weights (main line and leader) and lure size. That’s now called micro jigging, but basically as it's always been: small (15-30g) jigs fitted with sharp assist hooks. Assist hooks are hooks connected to the lure by a braided line, so they swing freely and provide accidental hookups as they flail around. Micro jigs fish in lots of ways. Bump it, buzz it or free spool it. As long as it’s moving it’s sending out an "eat me” signal. There is always room for a snack and, if the fish are on white bait or anchovy, you’re matching the menu. Small fish will be a issue sometimes if the bigger fish are hanging back a bit, so fishing behind the surface action is key. If you are drifting over the sand, single fish sign on the sounder should be where you start. Small micro jigs are not new but now, with the addition of assist hooks and braided line, you can get them down easily and stay down. The hooks turn inquisitive pecking into solid hookups and your jig is a snack-sized temptation that can break through a non feeding moment.