Fishing reel bearings

Replacement 440 grade stainless steel fishing reel bearings with ABEC-5 rating. Shielded race, bearings are un-lubed, always oil before use, and re-oil regularly, its also a good idea to give your reel handle a good turn once a week to keep the lube moving and effective, nothing is worse than a reel left sitting.

Bearing sizes are ID-OD-W

We recommend Reelx lubricant for all bearings and moving parts.

Shimano bearing size conversion chart ©Gofish2018

SMR52ZZ 2x5x2.5 RD11578                        
SMR63ZZ 3x6x2.5 RD11018                        
S623ZZ 3x10x4 BNT0194 BNT2927 BNT3812 BNT4343                  
SMR74ZZ 4x7x2.5 BNT4120 BNT4187 RD6018 RD7786 RD10183 RD10314 RD11536 RD13269          
SMR84ZZ 4x8x3 BNT8470 RD8744 RD12337 TGT1202                  
S684ZZ 4x9x4 BNT4429 RD8278 RD11706 RD14173 TGT1641                
S694ZZ 4x11x4 BNT4488 TGT1312 TGT0484                    
  5x8x2 RD7915 RD8741                      
SMR85ZZ 5x8x2.5 BNT2143 RD12094 BNT2948 BNT3633 RD9837 RD10906 RD11336 RD11424 RD12412 RD13829 RD14264    
SMR95ZZ 5x9x3 BNT0031 TGT0485 BNT3776 BNT4149 BNT3819 RD8005 RD10424 RD12095 RD13185 TGT1204 TGT1643    
SMR115ZZ 5x11x4 RD12409 TGT0584 TGT1525 TLD0213                  
SMR106ZZ 6x10x3 RD7943 RD8754 RD1044 RD13381 RD14314 TGT0499 TGT1740            
SMR126ZZ 6x12x4 RD8306 RD12505 RD14098 TGT0482 TLD0216 TLD0222              
S686ZZ 6x13x5 TGT0500                        
S696ZZ 6x15x5 TGT1531                        
SMR117ZZ 7x11x3 RD8742 RD10308 RD13274                    
  7x12x3.5 TGT1652                        
SMR137ZZ 7x13x4 BNT4446 RD11566 RD0337 RD7801 RD8553 RD8740 RD9598 RD10320 RD12093 RD13241 TGT1161    
S687ZZ 7x14x5 RD7295 TGT0596 RD7934 RD8554 RD8738 RD9597 RD10397 RD12096 RD13374 TGT0641 TGT1583 TGT1584 TT0569
S697ZZ 7x17x5 TGT0827 TGT1513 TLD0212 TT0570                  
  7x19x5 RD14312                        
  7x19x6 TLD0215 TT0575                      
  8x11x5 TGT1234                        
SMR128ZZ 8x12x3.5 BNT2170 BNT2192 BNT3621 BNT3927 RD8630 RD11694 TGT1660            
SMR148ZZ 8x14x4 RD10473 RD13189 RD15125                    
S688ZZ 8x16x5 RD8128 RD11319 RD14866 TGT0483 TGT1234                
S698ZZ 8x19x6 TLD0215 TGT1429 TGT1239 RD8628                  
S608ZZ 8x22x7 TT0576 TGT1956                      
  9x17x4 RD8629                        
S689ZZ 9x17x5 RD8202 RD8743 RD10463 RD13188 TGT1151                
S699ZZ 9x20x6 RD8372 TGT0057 RD12036 RD13582RD13769 RD14101 TGT0813 TGT0886 TGT1573 TT0571        
S6700ZZ 10x15x4 BNT2951 BNT4479 RD12482 TGT0486 TGT1675                
S63800ZZ 10x19X5 RD8332 RD11111 RD13796 TGT0876 TGT1218 TGT1482              
S6900ZZ 10x22x6 TGT1227 TGT1418 TT0574                    
  11x7x3 RD7810                        
  12x8x4 BNT1018                        
  12x21x5 TGT1567 TT0578                      
S6001ZZ 12x28x8 TT0577                        
  15x24x2 TGT1057                        
  30x37x4 TGT1061