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fishing tackle Including shimano, daiwa and top brands

Gofish Tackle 

Megabass lures

hayabusa fishing

hearty rise

nt swivel and ten mouth

gosen fishing braid

Meiho tackle boxes

 ten mouth swivels
meiho tackle boxes
hearty rise rods
gosen braid line
Berley mate
Berkley fishing tackle
power jig fishing tackle
everol fishing reels
Owner fish hooks
gamakatsu fish hooks
Jigstar jigging
Mustad fish hooks
Pakula marlin lures
zman soft bait
Nt swivel japan
Maruto fish hooks
maria japan lures
ducro fishing reel
duel fishing lures
halco fishing lure
Maxima fishing line
momoi fishing line
malin outrigger clips
plano tackle boxes
hayabusa lures
daiwa rcs parts
rapala fishung lures
GoFish Tackle co. Stocking the world’s best saltwater tackle. Anglers will find the shop full of quality gear for jigging, stickbait, stick baits, softbait, popper, inchiku and slow jig styles. Top brands of rods and reels, like Shimano reelsDaiwa reels, Penn, Hearty Rise plus a huge range of discount equipment. Gulp, YGK, Owner hooksGamakatsu hooks, Power Jig, Little Jack, Z-Man, Gosen line, Megabass, Hayabusa , Meiho tackle box systems, Yo-Zuri, Zest, MomoiJigging Master, Rapala and Berkley to name just a few brands in stock. Buy on line or hook into our Northcote store for the best fishing tackle experience in Auckland. It's easy to get to, easy parking. We guarantee, 99.8% of the time, that if the product is on our web-store it's actually in-stock, right now. Happy catching.

  Normal Store hours, : Monday 9.00-5.00 Tuesday 9.00-5.00 Wednesday 8.00-5.00 Thursday 8.00-5.00 Friday 8.00-5.00 Saturday 8.00-2.00 Sunday Closed, Fishing!