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Gosen Braid fishing line review NZ

6 Apr 2018
by Greg Hill ( Toyobo )

It's heavy reading but this is Why Gosen fishing braid is so good! it's made from SK71 Izanas fibre


Extremely High Strength and High Modulus

IZANAS has the highest level of tensile strength among commercialised organic fibers.

Ultra-High Strength
and High Modulus

IZANAS SK60 has the highest level value of the specific strength and modulus among commercialised organic fibers. Specifically, the brand-new IZANAS SK71 achieves a strength of 40cN/dtex or more.(c.a.4GPa)

High strength
Specific Strength vs. ModulusS-S chart

Light Weight(low specific gravity)

The specific gravity of IZANAS SK60 is 0.97, which is the lowest value among super fibers and is lighter than water.

Density of Some Fibers

High Impact Strength

IZANAS SK60 has an extremely high impact strength. Due to its very high energy absorption characteristics, IZANAS SK60 is a suitable material for protective applications or sport composites applications.

High Durability

IZANAS SK60 exhibits excellent flexibility and excellent abrasion resistance. Easy fabrication offers various textile applications.

Good Abrasion Resistance and Fatigue resistance

IZANAS has excellent abrasion and fatigue resistance. Due to its ability to be processed easily. (weaving, knitting etc.), this leads to wide applications for industrial use.

Abrasion Resistance and Flex Life

High Light Stability and Chemical Resistance

With no degradation due to water absorption, IZANAS SK60 is the ideal material for ropes or nets used in marine and off-shore applications. IZANAS SK60 has excellent light stability and chemical resistance in a wide pH range.

Good Light Stability

IZANAS shows good light stability due to its chemical and highly crystallized structure. IZANAS can be used without special covering or coatings.

Good Light Stability

Excellent Chamical Stability

IZANAS shows excellent chemical stability in a wide pH range, which prompts the application for chemical industries. Because there is no degradation from sea water absorption, IZANAS is an ideal material for marine and off-shore use.

Excellent Chemical Stability (treat with 23 × 2000 hrs)

Negative expansion

IZANAS has a feature that it expands by lowering the temperature. IZANAS is an ideal material for cryogenic use that controls the dimension change of composites which is used under the room temperature and extremely low temperture.

Negative expansibility (in direction of fiber)

Plastic(FRP)reinforced with the following fibers


High heat conductivity

High heat conductivity

High strangth polyethylene fiber (IZANAS<sub>™</sub>)

Electric characteristic

Electric characteristic

High strangth polyethylene fiber (IZANAS<sub>™</sub>) reinforced plastic.

Other Characteristics

Vibration damping

IZANAS has excellent vibration damping characteristics.

Vibration Damping Behavior


Fundamentally a form of polyethylene, IZANAS possesses the same chemical properties, making it an outstanding insulator.


As indicated by its chemical formula -(CH2-CH2)n- IZANAS is formed from carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). Consequently, even if IZANAS is burned all that remains is water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and no harmful substances are released.