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Some things never change, some do. read on.

18 Apr 2018
by Greg Hill

A review 1950's booklet. Saltwater Angling in New Zealand by  R B Doogue

Some things never change, some do.  read on.

On fishing reels;

" It is almost invariably happens that the cheap gear is soon discarded making the initial cost of that equipment just that much higher"

" It is very necessary to ensure that the reel you buy has a backing of after-service for spare parts."


On rods;

" In recent times a perceivable improvement has been noted but i still harbor doubts of there [fiberglass rods] durability under hard fishing"

" One reliable medium[ rod]  therefore remains - the six strip split tontine cane rod"

" it pays therefore to check the inner surface of the tip and rings from time to time"


On fishing line;

" Fish have become educated to the potential dangers of a cord line but do not appear as yet, to appreciate the lethal properties of a nylon line.

" After beach visit to the beach, rinse it [ your reel] in hot water and clear benzine {petrol!]


Favorite excerpts:

"All beach fishermen should follow the practice of the early maoris and not litter a good fishing place with fish heads , guts and scales."

"Employ the lightest gear consummate with your skill and typo of game you are after"


In our first enthusiasm, the temptation to slay fish beyond our real requirements is, I suppose, understandable , but at this point we should take an objective look at what the future fishing would be like if everyone behaved in this manner. [sic] All of us want posterity to enjoy this sport as we have enjoyed it , but unless some control is exercised, this certainly will not be.