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Lucky fishes!

4 Apr 2018
by Greg Hill
Lucky fisherman...

The old saying 10% of the fisherman, catch 90% of the fish is surly a miscalculation.

Productive "Lucky" fishing, if you want to, is about effectively adapting to what going on, the drift, the current, calculating the bait size all through the day .

Most importantly if something isn't happening "do something. Fishing jigs and Inchiku style lures and the bite is slow, move the lures either, more actively or keep them almost still.

Drastically drop down lure size or use a flatter- fluttery lure and use a lighter line weight. The smaller lure will likely have a lighter hook and if the fish are just pecking it will add a bonus hookup.

Traditional fishing with bait goes the same, drop to lighter line weight ( 6-8kg) if stray-lining (no sinker, floating bait) in the shallows, tie the hook straight on the end. Braid in the deep will help detect bites, and a softer tip rod in all situations is probably the most underutilised tool.

Smaller hooks are not a good idea for bait as the fish get then down there throat and are hard to release unharmed. Best use quality chemically sharpened octopus style hooks 5/0 -6/0, brands like Owner and Gamakatsu.

Feeling the bite while using bait is key, if you are stray-lining fish in free spool with the reel warning clicker on, or with your thumb on the spool to stop over runs. Deeper environs the reel is usually in gear, but thats where the softer, more sensitive rods come into play. You feel the explorative fish nibble, the fish gets hooked.. easy


The true path to you being a 10%er is as Yoda said "Do… or do not. There is no try"