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What's an Inchiku and What's a slow jig slider

13 Dec 2017
by Greg hill

This is a Slow jig, Madai or slider style lure, most don't slide, its gravity!

  • Light multi-strand skirt.
  • Usually double small hooks.
  • Fished with very little  rod / lure movement, from a drifting boat.
  • Diamond eye, Hayabusa free slide, Daiwa bay rubber and Shimano lucanus are all slow jigs.
  • Hayabusa free slide catch fish!

 Slider slowjig


This is an Inchiku.

  • Single octopus Skirt.
  • Heavier chemically sharpened assist hook.
  • Articulated action the Octopus skirt swims behind the lure.
  • Fishes best when actively worked, bounced on the sea floor, or dropped back as you drift  with the Inchiku just of the bottom.
  • An Inchiku is not a slow jig.
  • Hayabusa kick tail, power rock, Daiwa Pirates and Shimano bottomship are all Inchikus