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Ducro 10 custom Inchiku reel – light jigging reel.

12 Dec 2017
by Greg Hill

How cool is this, a small lever drag fishing reel for light jigging and inchikus fishing,

Approx. 15lb max drag, but you only need to fish it about 3-4kg max for Inchikus.

The spool is only 23mm wide!

Casts like a dream, excellent free spool for a lever drag 100%, we cast a 1/2 oz jig head far enough!

If you doing a search for fishing reels online, and want a small strong reel for braid, we mean small ! the Ducro 10 is one of the few options available, and possibly the only one in left hand. Small round profile bait-casters and low profile reels have a “cotter pin” engagement to the pinion gear so are not really super tough, especially when engaging the reel while a fish is running, you get that click click click as the reel tries to engage the cotter pin into the pinion, its not a fault but it does damage the parts over time and your anti reverse is only a small dog usually, which inevitably get damaged as the reel kicks into gear.

The first small star drag reel in the world for braid was the ground breaking Shimano Trinidad 10,  anti reverse bearing and dog, with a key way block and  shaft to engage the reel while a fish is running.

  • 5.2:1 ratio
  • 300m 30lb braid
  • Eva power handle
  • Carbon drags
  • helical cut stainless gears.
  • Mute docking and one way bearing.
  •  left hand or right hand fishing reels in stock
  • Custom Made in Taiwan